BJM has a strong commitment to abide the code of conduct that regulates the corporation and individual behavior.

Company’s code of conduct adheres to the Labor Law No. 13 year 2003 and Law No. 40 year 2007 regarding Limited Liabilities and GCG implementation. The Company’s Code of Conduct aims to develop good behavior that complies with corporate ethical standards for the Board of Commissioners, Directors and all employees.


To support the efficiency of monitoring activity, the Board of Commissioners has formed an Audit Committee. Audit Committee is responsible to control the Company’s financial reporting process, monitor, and evaluate the audit process conducted by external auditor.

In addition, Audit Committee is also responsible to analyze the Company’s financial information to be reported, Company’s compliance with the prevailing regulations, report Company’s risk and its anticipation method to the Board of Commissioners, and maintains the confidentiality of information on documents and corporate data.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee Include:

  • Evaluating the Company’s performance, both operational and financial and Company’s financial information, also the Company’s compliance with the prevailing regulations related to the Company’s activity.
  • Evaluating the independence of External Auditor, as well as reviewing the performance of internal control unit and external auditor to ensure that the report meets the prevailing standards in Indonesia.
  • Evaluating and reviewing the implementation of the internal audit plans and programs and providing advice for more effective programs.
  • Providing input to the Board of Directors on the effectiveness of the Company’s operations.

Committee Audit Profile

Chairman of Audit Committee/Independent Commissioner
Dr. Bambang Hariadi, M.Ec., Ak.

Member of Audit Committee
Saiful Fuad S.E.

Member of Audit Committee
M. Alief Amrulloh S.E.

Whistleblowing System

The whistleblowing reporting mechanism is applied under a philosophy of “sticks and carrots” or “praise and sanctions”; this can be adjusted based on the severity of the violation. To reduce the possibility of infringement, the Company has always prioritized coaching to avoid potential defamation that may interfere the relation among employees within the Company.

The report, sanction and praise are the authority of the associated Director.

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